The Slippery Slope of “Acronym-ising” Sin

This Friday morning on the Pat Campbell show I will be discussing the slippery slope of “acronym-ising” sin and the Church’s error of being co-opted by such fallacies.

More specifically, I will be addressing the following stories:


Image 11.  Fuller Seminary’s sanctioning of a LGBTQ club that affirms homosexual behavior.  See the banner to the right from ONETABLE which is on Fuller’s website.  Notice the promotion of the movie MILK which is a celebration of Harvey Milk’s homosexuality and his illicit sexual behavior.  Also notice the use of the pink triangle in ONETABLE’s logo as well as the intentional use of the acronym “LGBTQ” both of which represent explicit alignment with the progressive argument that homosexual behavior is a moral good and biblically acceptable.  In fact here is a quote from Tony Jones (who has served as an adjunct professor at Fuller):  “I now believe that GLBTQ can live lives in accord with biblical Christianity (at least as much as any of us can!) and that their monogamy can and should be sanctioned and blessed by church and state.


2. A news story in the North Colorado Gazette presenting the argument for pedophiles to receive the same minority recognition and civil rights protection that was recently granted by the Supreme Court of the United States to the LGBTQ. Notice the argument that pedophiles have a “sexual orientation” just like anyone else and that those with such an orientation should be a legally recognized “identity/minority group.”  In other words, advocates for pedophilia are making the same claim as those who embrace the pink triangle and the “LGBTQ” acronym above: “We were born this way therefore it is moral and good for us to behave this way.”

3. This article describes the Southern Poverty Law Center’s  (SPLC) argument that it should be illegal for a Jewish counseling organization to promote traditional sexual morality.  Here again, the the LGBTQ argument that sexual behavior is synonymous with a person’s “being” is used as a legal strategy to silence a biblical worldview and declare it uncivil, unfair, hateful and illegal.

4. When Rep. Randy Forbes was interviewed for a BreakPoint article, he said that he believes that “religious freedom” is now on track to becoming a “second tier right” and thereby subservient to LGBTQ civil rights. Our country is moving away from one of the main principles it was founded on- religious freedom. 


The point to glean from all these stories is this:  The Church is in great error in capitulating to the argument of conflating behavior and being – personal choice with personal identity.  Putting an acronym on a group of people simply because of their chosen sins and thereby granting them minority status is not only poor logic but clearly unbiblical.  The result can only be a slippery slope of granting minority protection to more and more levels of behavioral deviancy.  The practice of the aberrant becomes protected and the criticism of it becomes illegal.  As stated in the BreakPoint article above “ideological conformity trumps the First Amendment.”


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