Conservatives Don’t Need to Move to the Center to Win

According to Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, the only governor to survive a recall election, conservatives do not need to move to the center to win. He shares his story and successful reforms in his new book, “Unintimidated: A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge”.

“Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker’s timely book clearly demonstrates the essentials of talent and character in the ranks of state executives,” says former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating in a Washington Times article. He describes Governor Scott Walker as having “moral persistence and courage.”


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The Wisconsin governor, who considers running for the presidency in 2016, is anti-Obamacare and says now is the time for Conservatives to promote alternatives with the health care law’s unpopularity at such a low.

In an interview with The Heritage Foundation’s Jackie Anderson, Governor Walker talks his book, healthcare, reform, and Conservative success.

Read the full story from The Heritage Foundation here.

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