War Against One Woman

It is not uncommon to hear about the GOP’s “War on Women,” but now it seems that the tables are turning.

It appears that the Democrats are waging war against neurosurgeon Dr. Monica Wehby in Oregon. Dr. Wehby won the Republican Senate primary and will now be facing the incumbent Democrat Jeff Merkely in November’s election.

Oregon Primary

As a nationally recognized pediatric neurosurgeon and board member of the American Medical Association, she is running against Obamacare.

Since she began her campaign for election, she has been facing a smear campaign from the other side. But despite seemingly planted media spots on her divorce and recent break-up, Dr. Wehby is still going strong.

As Kimberley Strassel wrote for the Wall Street Journal, “Some conservative commentators have noted that this is the Democratic ‘war on women,’ but that doesn’t give near enough credit to what is a broader and now-staple Democratic strategy. When faced with a Republican who they cannot beat on policy questions, Democrats move to character assassination. It gives them something to say, while softening up voters to believe their worst accusations about the GOP. The assault is particularly vicious against a Republican woman or minority who threatens to pull votes from their base.”

Dr. Monica Wehby is definitely a threat. She is strong on policy, fiscally conservative, and a savvy campaign manager. It seems like it may take more than a few stories about her relationships and personal life to unseat this candidate.

To read more about Dr. Monica Wehby, check out the rest of the story at the Wall Street Journal.



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