Lessons from the Past 125 years

When the Wall Street Journal reviewed its 125 years of journalism history, many lessons of America’s prosperity became apparent.

These lessons show the importance of keeping both the people and the markets free.

What else do the lessons in the editorial teach us?  They show that “the mind of free millions allocate scarce resources more efficiently and fairly than do committees in Congress; that the collusion of government with either big business or big labor stifles competition and leads to political cynicism; that government will be respected more when it does a few things well rather than too many poorly; and that innovation and human progress spring not from bureaucratic elites but from the genius of individuals.”

And many more lessons worth reading can be found in the Wall Streets Journal‘s 125 year review.

But America’s dedication extends past 125 years. America has been a celebration of freedom for 238 years, and in honor of our country’s recent birthday, an ode to freedom is appropriate. The Keating Center champions freedom in its various forms and looks forward to the next 238 years to come. Read the blog to stay updated and join us in our defense of freedom.

To read the rest of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial, click HERE. 






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