Good New for Religious Institutions Under Obamacare

There has not been a massive overall of the Affordable Care Act, and it may be it a bit early to start ringing bells in celebration, but progress has been made.

Friday, according to CNBC, the administration offering a compromise on the contraceptive mandate.

After recent, significant losses, “the administration is now proposing, for the first time, to allow certain for-profit companies that are not publicly traded the ability to avoid the mandate if they object to it on religious grounds.” 

Now, religious non-profits will not be required to file a self-certification with their insurer. This was problematic in the past because then it put the burden of paying for potentially abortive birth control measures on the employer, even if it violated their religious beliefs.

(It is worth noting that many of those objecting are not against birth control as a whole, but against a few forms of birth control which are actually abortifacients.)

This is positive news, however; the victory is far from won. As CNBC said, many will continue to object “on the grounds that any impact from it on their health insurance plans violates their religious rights…” 

According to the Alliance Defending Freedom, “…the administration has failed to extend its existing religious exemption to the religious owners of family businesses and to religious non-profits other than churches. That would have been the best way of respecting freedom for everyone,” said Senior Counsel Gregory S. Baylor.

The Keating Center will continue to watch and share news about this topic because religious freedom, protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution is worth protecting.

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