What’s Happening in Two Weeks?

What is happening in two weeks? Check your calendar. November 4, 2014 should be marked “midterm elections.” 

While these are not the presidential elections, these elections are undeniably crucial. The midterm elections will determine who has control of the Senate: Democrats or Republicans, and who controls Congress has the most say in what policies are proposed.

These elections have everyone speculating. Will the GOP be able to capitalize on data, allowing them to better connect with voters?

Which side will win the vote of the rapidly growing Hispanic community?

Florida is known as a testing ground. Will incumbent Governor Rick Scott get re-elected or will once Republican, then no party affiliate, now Democratic Charlie Crist make a come back? What about Arizona? Or Virginia?

What does Texas Representative Jeb Hensnarling think will happen if the Republicans do win back the Senate? 

What does the Washington Post predict for these elections? 

Now is a good time to review the issues. Where do you stand on women’s rights? What about religious liberty? Do you think Obamacare has lived up to its promise? How well do you think the economy is doing? Do you support Common core?

Once you are informed of the issues and know where you stand, don’t forget to cast your vote! The Keating Center knows what it stands for: capitalism, free enterprise, and Constitutional liberty.

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