Free Yourself from the Power of Facebook Feeds

There has been much controversy of late over Facebook’s use—and, some would say, abuse—of our personal information, along with who they share it with, how they feed your timeline, how they decide what news is newsworthy, and more. In our reading this week, we came upon a this piece from pastor and blogger, Tim Challies: a thoughtful suggestion for Beating Facebook’s Algorithm and Being Your Own Curator.

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“By now we have all read lots of articles and opinion pieces on Facebook, or at least seen lots of scary headlines. We are slowly and collectively awakening to the power Facebook has over us, which is to say, the power we have given it. We have given Facebook power one click, one tap, and one like at a time. The situation is not yet dire and we don’t yet have to #deleteFacebook. But it’s definitely time to consider what power we are willing to cede to it.

One key power we’ve given to Facebook is the power of curation. Let’s talk about curation, what it is, and why it matters. I’ve just spent the better part of a week browsing museums all over England. Every museum has a number of items on display and a much greater number of items in storage. The job of a curator is to select which items from the collection will be visible to the public and which will not. This gives the curator a kind of power over the visitor—the power to describe history. The curator can keep key objects hidden away, thus obscuring what really happened. He can choose to display objects of little importance, thus telling an inaccurate or unbalanced story. The more you browse museums the more you become aware of the power and responsibility of the curator…” 

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