Dr. Piper’s Reaction to SCOTUS Ruling

This past week, Dr. Everett Piper was interviewed by the likes of the New York Times, the Tulsa World, and PBS television, as well as NPR and a host of other radio stations. The topic was his reaction to Friday’s Supreme Court ruling on marriage.

A Matter of Religious Liberty

The topic of religious liberty has been seen in many headlines, mentioned in newsrooms and expounded on in blog posts recently. Whether it’s about pizza or cakes, the topic has been in constant rotation. But this matter does not involve pizza or cake, instead it involves warm soup given to people in need.

OKWU Hosts Packed Common Core Meeting

On January 28, 2014, Oklahoma Wesleyan University hosted a town hall meeting, sponsored by Bartians for Academic Freedom, to discuss concerns about Common Core curriculum.

Will of the People or Moral Leadership?

Did you hear Governor Mary Fallin’s response to the Judges overruling of the Oklahoma amendment on marriage? She refers to the will of the people as a standard. Does majority vote determine morality? Does her statement demonstrate moral leadership or shed light on her beliefs?